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Project Tango, Brought to You by Qualcomm and Google • Mirror Daily

The Mountain View, CA based tech giant Google Inc. has once again started a promising partnership with another big name in the field of technology. This time, Google Inc. intends to cooperate with Qualcomm in order to bring their Project Tango successfully to the market. Project Tango is going to be a handset for whose development and manufacturing Google Inc. and Qualcomm will be working together. The new Project Tango handset is planned to be powered by a high performance processor, the famous Snapdragon 810. The CPU and GPU of the handset are also going to be of high quality. An octa core CPU will be integrated into the technology of the Project Tango. In addition to that, the handset will also feature an Adreno 430 GPU. So here is what you need to know about the new Project Tango, brought to you by Qualcomm and Google Inc.

According to the most recent info on the matter, it looks like Google Inc. and Qualcomm have designed the Project Tango, at least for now, as a device whose target clients will be the developers and the manufacturers, refusing to come up with a version for the common consumers.

Among the main tasks of the new Project Tango handset, there are bringing special sensors in smartphones and tablets and also incorporating cameras to such mobile devices. Such features will lead to the capacity of the mobile device to create 3D models of space around one. This is an ambitious project, especially if you were to take into account the fact that the Project Tango compels the hardware to take nearly 250,000 3D measurements a second.

Even if there has not yet been announced a consumers` version for the Project Tango, you might be interested in the pricing of such a high tech device.

Officials talking on behalf of Google Inc. and Qualcomm have said in a statement that the Project Tango developer tablet, which features a NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset has already been released and it is going to cost you 512 dollars. The representatives of the Project Tango have also added that such a device is going to be available for purchasing after a week.

The gadget has been officially presented during the I/O event, organised by Google Inc. It will feature a 7 inch screen and also 4 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and also 4G LTE.

Image Source: India Today

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