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Prostate Cancer Is More Frequent Among Black Men • Mirror Daily

Two new studies conducted by researchers at Prostate Cancer UK and Cancer Research UK indicate that prostate cancer is more frequent among black men than prostate incidences among Caucasian and Asian patients.

Although these facts have been long known, medical experts have only recently managed to scientifically prove that prostate cancer is more frequent among black men, based on the information they have gathered during their recent researches. Prostate Cancer UK has made up a list of prostate cancer patients divided according to their ethnicity, whereas researchers at Cancer Research UK have created the first genetically-structured classification of prostate cancer.

The medical evolution of more than 25 million cancer patients has been analyzed during the recent researches, scientists have explained. The database included information from the Public Health Department of England, the Office for National Statistics, as well as other medical authorities.

More than 102,252 prostate cancer diagnoses and 26,521 deaths occurring as a result of the said diagnosis were analyzed during the research allowing scientists to observe important connections between this disease and the genetic heredity of the patients. The experiment has been conducted from 2008 until 2010.

Based on the collected information, medical experts have noticed that African American males have one in four chances of receiving a prostate diagnosis (29,3%) whereas only one in eight medical prognoses (13.3%) is related to prostate among Caucasian patients.

Asian men are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer, as the study has pointed out. It appears that during the analyzed time interval only one in 13 cases turned out to be related to this affection.

Interesting facts have also been observed as scientists have looked at the death rates of prostate cancer patients. Based on their declarations, black men are still the ones who are more likely to die from this disease (8.7%). The percentage among white patients is significantly smaller, approximately 4.2%, whereas Asians rarely die from this disease (2.3%), according to scientists.

The results of the Prostate Cancer UK research have been centralized by the Cancer Research UK Institution and a genetically-based classification of prostate has been made. No similar classification has been achieved before and doctors believe these new categories could help physicians better adapt their treatments to the needs of their patients.

Further researches could be made on this topic, particularly in relation to the factors that lead to an increased prostate rate among black patients. Scientists have also warned doctors to keep their African American patients informed in relation to the health risks they are exposed when it comes to this particular disease.

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