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Psychonauts 2 Crowdfund Reached $3.3 Million

As the crowdfund reached $3.3 million, we can expect Psychonauts 2 somewhere around 2018.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Gaming enthusiasts worldwide received good news as Psychonauts 2 crowdfund reached $3.3 million. Tim Schafer’s efforts on Kickstarter paid off because as of yesterday he reached the sum that was needed for him to start developing the second part of his now famous Psychonauts game.

The first Psychonauts game was released in 2006 by Majesco Entertainment. It was developed by the production house Double Fine. The game was suited to be played on platforms like Xbox, Playstation 2, and Microsoft Windows.

In 2011, the game’s title rights were obtained by Double Fine, and so it received some improvements, including compatibility with Linux and OS X ports.

The plot of Psychonauts is fairly simple. It is the story of a young boy named Raz (which is voiced in the game by Richard Horvitz) who escapes the circus in which his family had raised him until then. He runs away on an adventure to discover the location of a secret camp which trains boys with special abilities to become psychic spies.

The camp being filled with other young adults in training to be psychic spies, it is only normal that most of the tasks/challenges are focused around the idea of psychic connection. Thus, Raz embarks on various adventures inside of his mind, and in the mind of fellow cadets to face horrors from the past, haunting memories that stop him from evolving from a Psycadet to a Psychonaut.

But things are not as easy as they seem because there are secret forces that operate within the camp. Raz senses that something is not right, and so the responsibility of bringing everything back to order falls on his shoulders.

The game is designed as a platform base, at the same time incorporating some adventure game features. The character is controlled in a 3D view, at a 3rd person perspective. The abilities of Raz range from level to level. He starts off with the basic jumping and running and evolves across the game to levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and invisibility.

All in all, the first Psychonauts game, though a flop at the beginning, gained a lot of fans and positive reviews. It came with an interesting story and great features that transformed it, in recent years, in one of the platform type cult games.

You can see Tim Schafer’s video for the crowdfund here:

Let us hope that if Psychonauts 2 crowdfund reached $3.3 million, that means a lot of work and dedication from Tim and Double Fine. The crowdfund spoke. People want a second adventure of Raz. Let’s hope it’s as good as the first one.

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