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Rabies Vaccinations Could Save 160 Lives Every Day • Mirror Daily

According to a new research, 160 deaths could be prevented every day with affordable and simple canine rabies vaccinations. Scientists insist it is the time to stop ignoring the problems posed by the deadly virus.

Health experts are pleading with the general public to do something the tens of thousands of people who are losing their life to rabies each year, which in most cases could have been prevented with simple vaccinations. Scientists believe that canine rabies could have been eliminated long before now. Many nations who spent time and money on vaccination programs have in most cases destroyed the disease completely.

A report published just a few days ago confirmed that while millions continue to ignore the problem of canine vaccinations, around 160 people are losing their lives from rabies every day. When the disease is transmitted from a dog to a human being by biting, the virus which infects the body proves fatal in almost 100% of occasions. The Global Alliance for Rabies Control analyzed the virus on a global scale and concluded that if the public in general and more government offices were to have a more serious approach on the matter, rabies need never cost the life of another human being.

“No one should die of rabies. An understanding of the actual burden helps us determine and advocate for the resources needed,” said the group’s director, Professor Louis Nel.

Rabies infection cases are quite rare in the United States and in most western countries, though rabies remains an important and constant threat in Africa, India and large parts of the third-world. Most nations where rabies is still a threat have access to the rabies vaccines, even though the large majority of their populations cannot afford them.

According to the new report, the total global cost which is needed to treat rabies goes far beyond the $8.6 billion level, which is making the cost of a global vaccination scheme very small in comparison.

“At the moment, our best estimate from this recent study is that about 59,000 people across the world are dying of rabies every year. And that’s just the burden from canine rabies transmitted by dogs,” said Dr. Louise Taylor is with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and is coordinator of the Partners for Rabies Prevention Group.

Image Source: Sunday Express

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