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Rape Victim Blasts TripAdvisor over Fake Apology Announcement • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Kristie Love, whose post about her being raped at a private resort in Mexico was deleted without warning by TripAdvisor, was outraged to learn the company had lied about issuing an apology to her for the incident.

Last week, TripAdvisor issued an announcement claiming that it had apologized to Love for refusing to publish her story on the platform. On LinkedIn, the company’s CEO Steve Kaufer claimed that the website “apologized to the victim for her experience.”


the rape victim wrote on the employment-oriented site.

Love disclosed that TripAdvisor has yet to contact her and no apology has been made. On Wednesday, she wrote to the TripAdvisor boss a letter, informing him that she hasn’t received “a single phone call or email” from the travel website company. She thinks that Kaufer probably thinks a press release issued on November 1 should be considered an “apology”.

Love, however, is not the only user whose posts have been deleted as “hearsay”. Dozens of other travelers to Mexican resorts got their complaints taken down from the platform for the same reason.

TripAdvisor Deletes Rape Claim

Love claims that she was raped by a Mexican security guard during a visit to Mexico in 2010. The post detailing her ordeal was abruptly deleted by TripAdvisor. After her complaint, at least two other women said they were assaulted at the same location.

The TripAdvisor CEO eventually called Love to apologize, but it was too late for her.

Other users accuse the company of sweeping under the rug their warnings about the terrible experiences that happened during their trips. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that dozens got their negative reviews blocked on the platform.

In the end, the company flagged three Mexican resorts as risky. The resort where the three women were sexually assaulted, the Iberostar Paraiso Maya, was also added to the blacklist.

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