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Receding Ice Caps Force Polar Bears to Migrate Further North • Mirror Daily

The effects of global warming are being felt not only by humans but also animals and fishes. The receding polar ice caps are a matter of great concern. Polar bears and other Arctic animals have started migrating towards icier regions to escape the vagaries of climate change such as the dramatic losses of sea ice.

Elizabeth Peacock, a U.S. Geological Society researcher, has been studying polar bears stated that individual animals are not marching en masse but the population shift is happening very gradually and subtly.

Individual animals are not marching northward en masse, according to who recently studied polar bears. Rather, the population distribution shifts appear to be gradual and subtle. A number of species who live in such harsh conditions often hibernate but polar bears do not hibernate or in other words does not need to hibernate.

Peacock, whose study is published in the latest issue of PLOS ONE explained “In general, polar bears move with their habitat. Sea ice is like a moving sidewalk and they travel with it. Bears likely move towards places with better access to prey and mates.”

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