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Reckless Tourists Killed a Baby Dolphin in Argentine • Mirror Daily

A baby dolphin died on an Argentinian beach after tourists yanked it out of the water.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Several tourists killed a baby dolphin on an Argentinian beach, after pulling the animal out of the water. An eyewitness said that the baby dolphin was still alive and kicking, but trapped in shallow waters, when two individuals grabbed him in order to take pictures.

Sadly, another baby dolphin perished, being sacrificed in the name of perfect vacation pictures. The event occurred on an Argentinian beach, 200 odd miles from Buenos Aires. A man who witnessed the whole event declared that the tourists who yanked the baby dolphin out of the water did nothing in order to help the poor animal.

Instead, they took it out of the water, raised it in the air, and if they wanted to showcase a very precious trophy. After taking tons of selfie with the poor animal, the tourist who took the baby dolphin out of the water invited other people to partake in the gruesome spectacle.

Although the beachgoers declared that the baby dolphin was already dead when they took it out of the water, the authorities have a hard time believing them after the autopsy report showed that the creature died due to extreme stress, oxygen deprivation, and dehydration.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the first nor the last time an innocent animal dies for perfect vacation pictures. Last year alone two dolphins met their untimely death in similar circumstances. Although these actions are highly condemnable, some people still choose to dismiss the consequences of their deeds for something which can only be labeled as selfish, ruthless, and futile.

Even animals are more sympathetic towards someone in distress than humans. A dog from the United States became somewhat of a hero when he alerted his owner of a dolphin stranded on the beach. The woman picked up the dolphin and returned it to the water.

Sadly, such acts of sympathy have become rare occurrences. In a recent documentary entitled The Dark Side of Trendy Animal Photos, National Geographic points out the sad truth behind successful vacation photos involving live animals.

During the documentary, National Geographic stated that sometimes people are unable to see past the animal’s suffering, reducing them to décor or something adorable to liven up their dull vacation pictures. They’ve added that this type of behavior is unacceptable and urge people to consider the consequences of their actions before their selfishness.

Image source: Wikipedia

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