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Reddit App For Android Is Heading Into Beta Testing

A Reddit Android app is coming

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Fans of the popular service can rejoice, as a Reddit app for Android is heading into beta testing and could be out at some point early in 2016. It’s probably about time that Reddit joins the great amount of websites that offer their very own app. It has seen a huge spike in popularity and has an assured core of readers.

For those who know and enjoy Reddit, they will be aware that it’s more than just a forum. It has bloomed into a community, where numerous topics can be tackled. For news, it has actually become a viable source, and one of the first places where some things on internet start. Admittedly, this doesn’t always have to be a good thing.

There will be no one stating that Reddit doesn’t have its content of questionable material.

However, it seems is vastly more popular and is not viewed with such harsh eyes as other forum-like websites, such as 4chan. Now, it’s ready to move past the browser stage and get an app for smartphone. And, according to Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman, they’re doing it themselves, and it’s now “coming along nicely”.

Signs ups for the beta testing have already started on December 11th, but will continue until December 18th. It’s not too late to try signing up, even though Reddit does not guarantee everyone will have access. They’re only looking for a few thousand testers out of their 200 million monthly active viewers. But, they claimed that they will be doing their best to offer more people access, even if they won’t become official beta testers.

The sign up will include a few questionnaires about the frequency of use for Reddit. This will aid them in sorting their users into various categories. It could offer a wider variety of answers and feedback. So, those who are interested should not claim themselves the biggest fans from the get-go. They’re likely searching for inexperienced users as well to test out other factors that could make their app more appealing.

Reddit is looking to sort out all the kinks and fix all the bugs before the app will officially release for all Android users. This will be in the “next month or two”, so somewhere between January and February of next year. If it all goes according to their plan, Android users will no longer have to use the browser on their phone or a third-party app.

So far, there has been no confirmation if a similar app will be developed for iOS.

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