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Regal Entertainment May Work on Some Sacrifices for Better Profit • Mirror Daily

Regal Entertainment is looking at the possibility of selling the entire company out for better profit.

This is a move that may not be very well accepted by the supporters of the products of any particular company. However, this is proven to be among the widely-accepted strategies in the world of business. Selling out does not really mean that the company has lost everything. It could just mean that they will have the same team – meaning the same theme for their movies, but not the same management. After all, money is still important to run the shows.

In the past nine months, the company has experienced a steady meltdown in its portfolio. It has been struggling as seen in the $2.3 to $2.2 billion decrease in its assets. It may be small when it comes to the net assets but this is equivalent to fifteen percent already. Coming back up to the market will be harder without some solid changes to come on the way.

In the meantime, there are no contracts released on whether they will pursue with the sale. However, there is already a team inside

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