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Remains of Josef Mengele Used as Training Aids by Brazilian Students • Mirror Daily

After the war was over, Josef Mengele fled to South America

(Mirror Daily, United States)- The earthly remains of war criminal Josef Mengele, who conducted sadistic experiments in Auschwitz during the Second World War, are now being used by the University of Sao Paulo to teach medical students about how to apply forensic techniques in the field.

Also called the ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele is notorious for his clandestine experiments performed on pregnant women, children, and war criminals in Auschwitz. Holocaust survivors recall how the sadistic doctor saw two children together in an attempt to study conjoined twins.

However, this experiment was just the tip of the iceberg as far as Mengele’s bloody career is concerned. Another Auschwitz survivor told the press during a heart-breaking interview, how the doctor poured inhumanly amounts of boiling water on her body to study its reaction.

As the survivor recalls, when he protested against the doctor’s treatment, Josef Mengele threatened to send him to gas chambers if he did not comply. And this is only one case which exemplifies to what lengths Joseph Mengele was willing to go to quench his need for knowledge.

After the war was over, Josef Mengele fled to South America, to elude the international authorities. All traces of him disappeared, and no one heard anything about the infamous Nazi doctor until his death in 1979.

Daniel Romero Munoz, a lecturer at Sao Paulo’s University and a pathologist, was the one who came up with the idea of using Joseph Mengele’s bones as teaching aids. Moreover, Munoz was the one who positively identified the earthly remain of Josef Mengele in 1985.

For more than 30 years, Mengele’s remains were placed under lock and key, until Munoz came up with the idea of using the doctor’s skeletal remains as teaching material for a medical student studying forensics.

The pathologist teaching at the Sao Paulo University said that the remains could hold many clues which can help a trained eye to establishing the identity of their owner. For example, one of the pelvic bones had a fracture which is consistent with Mengele’s motorcycle accident.

A closer look at a cheekbone reveals a small hole, which would indicate that the owner suffered from sinusitis, a fact also consistent with Mengele’s biography. Last, the condition of the teeth found in the collection would suggest that the owner suffered from tooth abscesses. As we know from history, during his South American exile, Mengele had multiple dental abscesses which he treated himself using sharp razors.

Image source: Wikipedia

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