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Researchers One Step Closer to Solving the Cooper Hijacking Case • Mirror Daily

A team of US researchers is close to cracking one of the most famous cases of plane hijacking.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A team of US researchers is on the verge of cracking one of the most famous cases in the history of plane hijacking. Citizen Sleuths believes that the assailant who extorted $200,000 from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the early ‘70s might have been working at Boeing. Citizen Sleuths, a group of researchers from the United States, recently declared that that D.B. Cooper, the air terrorist who disappeared into thin air with $200,000 might have been working at an aerospace plant or, possibly for Boeing. The team arrived at this conclusion after carefully analyzing a JC Penney clip-on tie which authorities believe that it belonged to D.B Coopers. Although no one can say for sure what happened to the man responsible for the ‘70s hijacking, Citizens Sleuths believes that they are one step closer to solving this 45-year-old mystery.

After carefully analyzing the tie using an electron microscope, the scientists discovered subtle traces of pure titanium, strontium sulfide, and cerium. In a press release, Citizen Sleuths declared that the particles picked up by the electron microscope rarely occur in nature.

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