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Robotic Snake Will Charge Your Tesla Car • Mirror Daily

The Tesla Model S about to be charged by the new Snakebot.

Tesla Motors and Elon Musk have taken to Twitter and YouTube to spread the news that a robotic snake will charge your Tesla car in the near future. The reactions this has spurred all over the internet have, naturally, covered a lot of strange feelings.

It seems that Tesla believes that if you’re going to have an electric car, you would of course need an equally futuristic charging device. So to build you one, the engineers at Musk’s company have gone to nature and asked for one of the most provocative shapes that they could add to the already stunningly gorgeous Model S.

Let’s be honest and make a comparison. Every one of us has a smartphone now, right? You too. And how many times have you had battery problems? Well, the device having so many functions, it’s bound to drain up that battery. A lot. Now, imagine that but only on a car. Needless to say that a car will consume much more electricity than your everyday iPhone, right?

Apparently, Tesla has thought about this. And about the fact that, honestly, we all forget to charge our phones when we’re not using them, and often end up with a dead battery on our hands. And there’s really not much you can do about it from there.

This new snake is perfect for this. As Tesla says, you just get your car in your garage, open the charger lid via a button onboard, and then go to eat that long awaited dinner. Normally, you could forget to plug the car in (how strange that still sounds), but now the snake charger prototype will do it for you. So in the morning when you get up to go to work, the car will be in perfect condition.

Elon Musk had announced this strange device back in December when he tweeted that they were working on it. Since then, a lot of people have been asking whether the strange arm will be offensive towards humans and whether it will require blood offerings every now and then. We’ve yet to receive an answer to these questions.

After the video was launched, it’s been already viewed 1.5 million times on YouTube, with reactions ranging from excitement to terror, from joy to fear and even to some strange sexual innuendos about the future prospects for robot reproduction.

However, Musk has not responded to any of these worries, but has admitted in another Twitter post that the Snakebot does seem wrong.

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