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Rock Out With 'Rock Band' On Oculus Rift VR

‘Rock Band’ is coming to virtual reality

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be a rockstar, Harmonix will help you rock out with ‘Rock Band’ on Oculus Rift VR at some point after the virtual reality headset is released. Fans of the franchise will be getting a true taste of being in the shoes of a rockstar. On stage with their band, with hundreds of fans in front of them, gamers will get a true first-person look.

At The Game Awards, among the numerous other announcements, Harmonix presented their partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus Rift. That means that their popular ‘Rock Band’ games will be coming to virtual reality. Just strap on the headset, and you will be transported into the shoes of a rockstar, guitar in hand, and crazy moves included.

Oculus Rift founder, Palmer Luckey, presented their upcoming game on the stage, announcing it to arrive at some point in 2016. It’s expected to release along with the virtual reality headset that will immerse you into the music world. This will allow you to move around, use the guitar controller, and play without an actual screen that shattered the illusion.

Now, it seems technology has jumped far enough ahead that it will let you see a concert from the eyes of a rockstar. It wasn’t that long ago that Harmonix launched the latest installment of their popular franchise, and yet they have placed another possibility in the future of their fans: playing it through virtual reality. This means experiencing moments that only popular musicians get to see. The good part is that the crowd will still be there even if you’re bad at it.

The company created a video introducing prospective gamers into the world of ‘Rock Band VR’ with the help of Dragonforce, a band that will sound very familiar to players of the franchise. Their song, ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ have been one of the most challenging tracks on the ‘Rock Band’ playlist.

The video presented the game developers going through a ‘training’ on how to become rockstars. It also featured a short taste of the upcoming game at the end, showing their viewers how it would look like. The exciting prospect might certainly interest fans of the series. However, the price has not been mentioned as of yet.

‘Rock Band VR’ is likely set to release in spring 2016, along with the Oculus Rift VR headset. In the meantime, gamers will have plenty of chances to practice head bangs, windmills, and jumping with the guitar controller strapped to their shoulder.

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