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Roku 4 Brings 4K Support And Voice Search

Roku 4 boasts ultra-HD 4K support.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The tiny black box that is Roku 4 brings 4K support and voice search features on their latest product. The company has made a name for itself due to the simple interface that is user-friendly, and mostly have been doing it at affordable prices.

However, on more than just one aspect, the Roku 4 brings with it some changes, improvements, and a certain increase in the price of their streaming box.

The competition is growing more fierce. Roku 4 finally joins in on the fight for ultra-HD 4K streaming, alongside of Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Nvidia Shield Android TV. It’s a sought-after feature that is growing in popularity. This is more due to the tremendous potential than the availability of 4K videos, which is still fairly low today.

Nevertheless, Roku 4 will be the first product from the company to come with an excellent support of streaming ultra-HD 4K videos at 60 GHz. It’s a necessary change for most to opt for streaming boxes, as opposed to some programs. The transition might be slow for some, but it’s apparently where the future is heading.

This is backed by the availability of excellent streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, Sling TV, or others. Their existence threatens the usefulness of owning discs by making movies and TV series so easily available. Roku 4 means to accommodate those needs, by providing with 300,000 movies and episodes to their latest ultra HD supporting platform.

The new Roku 4 is black, sleek, and overall at a small size. It stands at 6.5 x 6.5 inches, with rounded edges and matte top, with smooth rims. The company has maintained the minimalistic flat design, with a few tweaks in appearance. But, more importantly, they made a few improvements in their services.

The quad-core processor is much more powerful, and the software is now backed by the Roku OS 7, which arrives with several enhancements in performance. It’s faster, with better quality, and now officially includes the voice search command through its remote. The controller/remote is one of its most appealing aspects, if reports have it true.

By simple talking or typing through it, customers can easily browse through the available content. This is in addition to the feature their company pioneered by being able to connect headphones in order to watch videos quietly.

The new Roku 4 goes for the price of $129.99, a high cost for the company, but with good prospects. While 4K videos do not yet have astounding numbers, it’s a continually growing feature, made available more and more. So, it may not be the biggest advantage now, but it’s certainly an option to be highly appealing in the future.

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