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Roku Gets Updated with New Voice Search Feature • Mirror Daily

Roku is one of the most used streaming media devices around and it has just announced that it will be updated with a voice search feature.

The company announced on Monday that it will update their most popular streaming device so that the user can find new content much easier.

Aside from announcing its latest product, called Roku 3, that features the voice search, the company also made some improvements to the previous model, Roku 2.

One of the new features is called Roku Feed, which keeps the users informed and allows them to follow any popular movie that comes out. Also, Roku Feed allows the user receive updates when these are available to be streamed.
The new feature also informs the users when the movies they are interested in become available on other streaming channels, and provides them with information like the changes in price.

The feed feature is under My Feed tab on the home screen of the TV.
Moreover, Roku announced a new way of searching for specific channels. The users can now search the channel within using the Roku Channel Store simply by streaming the name of the channel.

This will make it easier and faster for the users to locate their favorite channels, including HBO Go, CBS News, Sling TV or any other channel in the list of more than 2,000 available channels.

Roku announced that it currently has more than 250,000 movies and TV shows that are available for streaming.
The new updated are expected to arrive on all Roku devices by the end of this month, so if any users do not see their device updated right away, they should not worry because they will receive the new features as soon as possible, the company said.

The new Roku 3 that features a voice search will let the users search for their favorite movei or TV show just by using their voice.

The new streaming media device costs $99.99 and comes with a new remote control that has a special button that activates the voice search feature. It also comes with a hack for headphone that enables private listening, and it also features a motion control for playing games.

Roku announced that it updated its mobile apps, making it available for Android for now. The iOS version will be available later this week.

Roku 2 device has been updated with speed and performance upgrades and its price is $69.99. Both models are available for sale starting today.
Image Source: cnet

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