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Swiss Drug maker Novartis is seeking U.S. regulatory approval for two drugs to treat smoker’s cough. The new drug has a market potential of $1.4 billion annually.

Positive results were obtained in the third-phase clinical tests for QVA149 and NVA237 for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, or smoker’s cough.

COPD kills a person every ten seconds and will become the third highest cause of mortality by the year 2030, as per a report by the WHO. Characteristic features of COPD include breathlessness, excess saliva, mucus in the airways and chronic cough. In addition to these symptoms pain in the chest, wheezing and crackling sound while breathing could also be seen in some patients

The new drugs will be pitted against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s Anoro and Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH’s Spiriva. However Novartis drug could be at a disadvantage because of its twice daily dosage as compared to once daily dosage of both Anoro and Spiriva.

Microsoft Corporation reported higher than expected overall revenue during the company’s quarterly statement which was significantly enhanced by high sales of Microsoft’s phones, cloud company computing services, and also their tablets, and even managed to retain company profits.

The recent report was released last Thursday that dispelled recent worries, which were experienced by investors. This is mainly because the investors’ feared transference in the current industry towards computing company products were becoming a hard technology to master.

The company’s overall shares increased to 33% during the previous year and again increased another 3% during trading after hours that closes with a value of $46.36.

FBR Capital Markets market analyst, Daniel Ives, stated that because of recent negative overall earnings outcomes because of technology bellwethers that includes VMware, IBM, SAP, EMC, and also Oracle, Microsoft Corporation is dissing the current trend that would eventually tag September outcomes that would prove to be a solid achievement.

Most investors of Microsoft observed keenly after International Business Machines Corporation and SAP delivered heavy warnings regarding Microsoft’s operating overall profits, while the company created cautious cloud inroads, which often yields to smaller margins compared to usual tech companies’ levels.

Though Microsoft Corporation failed to really reveal detailed cloud-based overall proceeds for the year’s first quarter, the company stated that overall commercial sales of their cloud product jumped by 128%, while the overall sales of their services particularly the Azure platform, increased by 121%.

The company also expressed that even as important or more, gross profit from Azure significantly jumped by 194%, despite of increasing overall costs in infrastructure which includes enormous expenses that involves building and operating such data centers.

The second largest mobile operator in the world, Vodafone, increased its whole year overall earnings forecast last Tuesday. This is because of increasing demand in the major European markets, added with increased investing on the company’s push for new products that significantly helped in reducing revenue drops.

The mobile operator recently faced increased competition coming from various groups and even providers offering fixed-line services. Vodafone stated that they are planning to launch new services, particularly TV and broadband services in the British market in order to compete confidently with the company’s current rivals who in fact offer more ranges of products.

Overall improvement in recent trading, sparked high hopes of growth to return in the company’s main measurement for revenue by next year. The company recently sent their overall shares to jump 6% to the company’s 6 month high after 2 years of experiencing statistic falls.

Vittorio Colao, the company’s Chief Executive, stated that the evidence of the stabilization of the company is growing in many European markets. He added that Vodafone’s 2 year, 19B pound investment program is proceeding as planned and more clients are starting to feel its benefits.

Vodafone embarked on this program with the aims of building or buying broadband networks (fixed-line) across Europe that are super-fast. This is primarily to enable the company to compete confidently with rivals that offer mobile services alongside broadband, television, or even fixed-line bundle deals.

On Thursday, Nvidia reported higher quarterly revenue, beating Wall Street forecast, driven by the company’s recent graphic chips for computers, and processors for cars and data centers.

For the third quarter ending October 26, the company’s revenue was posted at 1.225 billion dollars, up by 16% from the previous quarter, and beating analysts’ average forecast of 1.202 billion dollars.

Nvidia said that for the ongoing quarter, it expects 1.20 billion dollar revenue, adding or deducting 2%. On the other hand, the average estimate of analysts for the fourth quarter was at 1.198 billion dollars.

The company’s net income for the third quarter was 173 million dollars or 31-cent per share, from the 119 million dollars or 20-cent per share the same quarter the previous year. The company has 39 cents non-GAAP earnings for every share.

Nvidia has been struggling in the industry’s increased competition against other chip makers such as Qualcomm, especially products for tablets and smartphones. Thus, the company has escalated its efforts towards using its very own Tegra chips in empowering entertainment, as well as in advancing navigation systems in vehicles for BMW, Tesla, and Volkswagen’s Audi to name a few.

Revenue from its Tegra chips for the third quarter, both for mobile devices and cars jumped 51% to 168 million dollars.

The company’s larger personal computer graphics chips increased 13% to 991 million dollars, while the company shares rose 1.34% in extended trading, closing 0.45% up to 20.22 dollars on the NASDAQ.

Kate Spade & Co reported a 30% increase in their quarterly overall sales due to a significant increase in demand for the company’s fashion accessories and handbags in the North America region. The company also raised their 2014 forecast for same-store overall sales growth globally.

Overall shares of the company increase to 21% and were also ranked among the highest percentage gainers in New York‘s Stock Exchange last Thursday.

North America’s overall sales that account for a third of the company’s overall revenue, increased 36.4% during the year’s third quarter, which was driven by the increasing demand for the company’s high-end New York accessories and handbags.

Kate Spade & Co has been challenging slowly into Coach Incorporated’s overall share when it comes to the handbag market in the United States, leading young women to prefer Kate Spade trendier handbags over products of larger rivals.

Coach recently reported their sixth straight total quarterly decline in the North American region last week when it comes to same-store overall sales.

Kate Spade & Co increased their same-store overall sales global growth expectations for this year to 19 to 21% from the previous estimates of 15 to 17%.

Kate Spade’s overall gross margins increased to 62.8% during the year’s quarter compared to last year’s 61.4%.

The theme park and media Walt Disney Co reported its quarterly profit, meeting the Wall Street forecast as the company’s box-office films “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Maleficent” boosted its performance.

During the recent quarters, Disney has been beating analysts forecast, but its shares dropped 2.5% on Thursday during the after-hours tradeoff. The company stock closed at 92 dollars before the reported earnings.

Company CEO Bob Iger said Disney will not rush offering standalone subscriptions outside traditional bundles, which are offered by cable and satellite companies. He also said the company didn’t feel any compelling need for products that are direct challenges towards multichannel bundle.

Thus, the company would tryout with online products such as ESPN streaming service, but only for some of NBA games. Iger said that would be a bright approach as it will boost the company’s digital offerings.

Disney’s net income during the quarter ended September jumped 1.50 billion dollars or 80-cent a share from the previous year’s 1.39 billion dollars or 77-cent per share. Based on adjustments, company earnings were at 89-cent per share, meeting analysts’ expectations.

The generation of income was helped by its blockbuster movies “Maleficent” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, creating 254 million dollars.

Disney’s largest unit, its cable networks, drove the company shares lower than expectations. Brett Harriss, analyst of Gabelli & Company said there was a weakening in cable networks. Harris also expected, ESPN to compensate Disney’s programming expenses because of higher fees collected from affiliates.

The park and resort unit’s operating income jumped 20% to 687 million dollars as attendance and ticket prices increased.

Disney’s revenue increased to 12.39 billion dollars, above average expectations of 12.37 billion. Up until Thursday’s close, the company shares earned 20% throughout the year.

Stocks from Spirit Aerosystems remain impressive as they record another high this third quarter of 2014. The market is hoping for an increase from this company since they have been performing so well in the past months. However, the results were more than what they have foreseen.

They have reached as much as five percent in their total shares. This is far from the usual 2 to 3 percent experienced by the other companies in the same field.

They are heavily reluctant on their products related to their main customer – Boeing. They have improved so much of their inventory to make sure that this huge jet company gets its money’s worth.

Also, another factor that could be tied up to this is the increase of demand from Boeing. Recently, they have shifted from manufacturing their own products. They have resulted to outsourcing since it is more convenient and more efficient to do so.

This has given Spirit Aerosystems to step up and put up with more and more impressive numbers. This year, they have recorded a steady increase in their portfolio. The best thing about this is that they are expecting more come 2015. Everybody is watching out if they will still belong to the highlights shown by the market by the start of next year.

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