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Safe Approach to Honeybees • Mirror Daily

Bees need to be removed, not exterminated.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest study, the best way to remove honeybees from your property is to call for someone who will safely take care of the problem without harming the bees.

One of these people is Tom Davis, a beekeeper who recently removed a 60,000 swarm of honeybees safely from a hive with no casualties. Thanks to his infrared camera he was able to examine the hive first to establish the exact number of bees.

Tom’s target is always to gather safely and transport the bees, instead of exterminating them. Therefore, he first cut a hole in the deck to expose the hive. Then, he managed to extract all honeycomb so other pests, such as rodents, won’t move in afterwards.

The entire abandoned comb would be melted down into lotion even if it used to be useful for bees. Furthermore, his best strategy to gather the bees is by using a vacuum to suck up and safely store the honeybees for transport.

In addition to this, Davis always finds a proper place for the bees to make a new hive. However, hive removals can be quite expensive reaching up to $100 per hour, because the work to remove honeybees is quite dangerous and demanding.

According to Tom, bee swarms usually appear when the weather gets warmer. Every time a queen abandons a hive, it takes 60 percent of the worker bees and starts to swarm in open areas and trees. The presence of a swarm means that the bees are trying to find a proper place to make a hive.

Therefore, experts advise people that if they spot a swarm on their property, they should call for help as soon as possible instead of waiting or worse, trying to deal with the issue on their own. Plus, Davis believes that every beekeeper will come and remove the swarm without asking for anything in exchange.

People can find many beekeepers offering free swarm removal at the Bee Removal Source website. It is a good thing because 40 percent of the hives are wiped out every year, meaning that we might lose the entire bee population ten years from now.

All in all, honeybees deserve a chance because it is not their fault for trying to find a home.

Image Source:Pixabay

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