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Saint Charles Twins Shot and Killed by Father. Mother Sustains Non-Life-Threatening Injury. • Mirror Daily

St. Charles authorities reported that an armed individual shot his wife and twins before committing suicide.

Saint Charles police officials reported that a deranged individual called 911, on Sunday, telling the phone operator that he had shot his wife, his 16-year-old twin daughters, and threatened to kill himself. The incident took place in a St. Charles condominium. Police said that the only survivor was 43-uear-old Anjum Coffland, the twins’ mother.

The Saint Charles community was shocked to discover how a respectable father of twins decides to settle his family affairs. The town’s police department declared that, on Sunday, an individual called 911, saying that he just shot his wife and daughters and that he was going to commit suicide.

Police officers were dispatched to the condominium in order to investigate the man’s claims. What they’ve found inside can only be described as a bloodbath. The investigators declared that upon reaching the condominium, they’d discovered the body of Randall Coffland, the man who called the emergency line. He had a gunshot wound to his head.

Next, to Coffland’s body, the authorities discovered the lifeless bodies of 16-years-old Tiffany and Brittany Coffland. Anjum Coffland, the twins mother, was also injured in the incident, but, according to the authorities, she sustained non-life-threatening injuries to her leg.

A search of the condominium revealed two 9-mm pistols; the first one, considered by the authorities to be the murder weapon, was found near Coffland’s body, while the second one was in storage. Police said that twins’ father had a valid gun permit.

Unfortunately, the paramedics were not able to resuscitate the twins, nor the father, who were declared dead at the scene. The results of the autopsies will be made public on Monday. However, the investigators said that each girl had a gunshot wound to their head.

At the moment, it’s still not clear why the man decided to murder his entire family, before turning the gun on himself. Anjum Coffland, the man’s wife, is still recovering after the incident, but will soon be able to answer some questions regarding the incident.

The investigators believe that the events leading to the Sunday St. Charles massacre started long ago. Some of Britanny’s high-school colleagues revealed that the teen was deeply troubled and that she had a hard time focusing in class and on assignments. She told the reporters that Brittany felt like her father is insane and that he’s the reason why she can’s focus during classes.

Image source: Wikipedia

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