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Salmonella Risk Causes Trader Joe’s Cashew Recall

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There are two types of companies out there, at least in regards to how they treat their customers. Some only care about money, while others also care about their customers’ well-being. One company in particular showed that it was part of the latter category, as salmonella risk causes Trader Joe’s cashew recall.

Trader Joe’s wants all cashew lovers to listen up – or pay attention while reading, in this case – as they warn about a cashew recall involving multiple batches of their product known as “Raw Cashew Pieces”.

Alerted by their suppliers that one lot in particular might be infected with salmonella, company officials decided to recall all batches sent out along with the infected batch. The products in question have labels reading ‘BEST BEFORE 07.17.2016TF4’.

The “Raw Cashew Pieces” were distributed throughout 31 states, and the Trader Joe’s officials are urging possible customers either to dispose of the product or take them back to the retailer for a full refund.

Despite no signs of salmonella being found in their warehouses or on the already recalled products, the company is still waiting for all the cashew products delivered on that day to be examined.

Whether this was done out of a particular concern for their customers, or simply to avoid a lawsuit, after all it’s the thought that counts.

With cases like the ones below taking place, it’s nice to know that at least some companies don’t want their clients getting sick.

When compared to the Peanut Corporation of America scandal last year, or the on-going one regarding Blue Bell’s creameries, it would seem like Trader Joe’s is actually made up of some pretty decent individuals.

During last year’s PCA investigation, evidence surfaced putting the company’s then CEO in a very negative spotlight.

Receiving an e-mail that announced him that some of their lots were contaminated with salmonella, the CEO simply replied with “Ship ‘em anyway!”, granting him long-lasting hatred from the company’s millions of customers, as well as 28 years in prison.

During the Blue Bell investigation following 4 deaths and multiple non-fatal cases of Listeria throughout multiple states, it was revealed that at least one of the managers knew about unsanitary conditions.

When an employee announced his manager two days in a row that rain water from the roof was leaking into the ice cream vats, the manager asked if that was what he was going to do from then on – just stand there and complain. The investigation is still on-going.

Image source: Pixabay

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