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Samsung Wants to Enter the Smart Speaker Business • Mirror Daily

Samsung wants to design its own smart speaker

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Samsung is planning to pose some serious competition to Amazon, as it wants to bring its own device on the smart speaker market. However, there is still quite a long way until the tech giant comes with the final form of this device, but it has already started getting ready for it.

Samsung wants to join other mobile companies in producing smart speakers

Samsung has already attempted to bring a smart assistant for the newly released Galaxy S8. However, they had a few difficulties in voice-powering Bixby, so it is not yet available for US customers. According to reports, this incoming smart speaker will be powered by Bixby, and goes under the codename Vega. As expected, there is still much work to do before such a device can enter the market.

This is not the first time when a mobile company shows some interest in developing such speakers. Previously, Apple wanted to remain in the mobile medium, and continue improving the services offered by its own smart assistant Siri. Then, during its latest developer conference, it presented a smart speaker of its own called HomePod.

The company can make use of certain advantages

However, the AI technology used by Apple comes with certain limitations, so this device is not marketed as a constantly working voice assistant. Instead, the company presented it as a regular speaker which comes with certain voice control features.

Some might say that Samsung is only following the same example and copying the device, but it depends on what the company is going to offer with its smart speaker. One area it can make great use of would be a close functionality between the speaker and smartphones.

Google might be holding supremacy over Android, but Pixel is the only device it can control completely. Therefore, Samsung might use this and connect the smart speaker and its Galaxy S8 through notifications and some handover features.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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