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Samsung Will Revolutionize Smartphones with New Super-Efficient LPDDR4 RAM Chip • Mirror Daily

Samsung works to replace past processors with the new 20-nanometer chip in all IoT devices.

A blog post read this morning that Samsung will revolutionize smartphones with new super-efficient LPDDR4 RAM chip. The new invention will integrate Samsung’s recent nanometer technology, which means customers will soon see faster, smaller devices.

Integrating nanotechnology has become the new thing among smartphone producers ever since IBM presented their first nanochip several months ago. Various companies are now competing to prove they can add efficient nanochips on their phone models and make the devices much more efficient than they normally are.

Samsung has been the first to announce that they are working on a LPDDR4 RAM chip that will be used on their future smartphones. The 6GB chip will be 30 percent faster than current 8 gigabit models. The main purpose of the new chip was to improve the battery life of smartphones and the 20-nanometer component does just that.

The company did not provide too many details on the future uses of the new chip. They have only stated that developers will work to add the 6GB RAM on a 3GB RAM support. This way, the size of the devices can also be diminished, spokespersons have explained.

Smartphone technology will not be the only one to benefit of the new invention. Samsung has made it clear during recent product presentations that they want to focus on other product categories, such as, television sets, DVD players, etc.

With the new Internet of Things, the Japanese manufacturer plans to turn houses into smart fortresses that offer us all the protection and comfort we need. 20-nanometer chips are certainly very useful for the new objective that Samsung has set. In a year’s time, we may, thus, see the launching of smart ovens, TVs and washing machines, tech analysts have concluded.

Judging by the company’s previous product presentations, tech savvies believe the company will use every opportunity they have to brag about their new technology. It will be all very surprising if Samsung chose not to provide their 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note flagship with the 20-nanometer, 12-gigabit chip.

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