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San Antonio Police Officer Got Fired After Giving Turd Sandwich to Homeless Person • Mirror Daily

San Antonio cop got fired after giving a feces sandwich to a homeless man.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A San Antonio Police Office got fired after the disciplinary commission has determined that the man gave a sandwich filled with feces to a homeless person.

Matthew Luckhurst, a former office working at the San Antonio Police Department, was fired from his workplace after his superiors found out that the man played a cruel prank on a homeless man. According to William McManus, the Police Chief from San Antonio, he and the entire precinct are appalled by Luckhurst’s inexcusable behavior.

The Police Chief also added that this conduct is unbecoming a police officer was reported to the Internal Affairs department by Luckhurst’s colleagues who were equally disgusted with their colleague’s behavior.

It would seem that the prank was discovered after the former police officer bragged about his deed to one of his co-workers. Upon further investigations, it would seem that Luckhurst picked up a piece of human feces and placed on a piece of bread. He then put the reviling sandwich inside a Styrofoam container and placed it in a container next to which the homeless man was sleeping.

The Internal Affairs department is not yet sure if this is the first time Luckhurst committed the deed or not. Before sacking the police officer, the police department told Luckhurst to retrieve the package. It’s unclear whether or not the prankster removed the Styrofoam package from the container or not.

A San Antonio Police officer got fired for breaking one of the oaths taken by police officers: to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

McManus, Luckhurst’s former boss, said that the act itself is so disgusting, that his former colleagues went to the Internal Affairs department in order to report the police officer. Also, to make sure that the homeless person did not contract any disease, the local police department attempted to find him.

However, neither the homeless nor the perpetrator could not be found. It would also seem that the whole story reached the ears of Mayor Taylor who was shocked and disgusted with Luckhurst’s disgusting behavior, and declared that firing the officer was the right thing to do.

Although the San Antonio police officer got fired, he did manage to hire a lawyer to defend him in court. Luckhurst’s employed attorney stated that his client was merely joking about giving the sandwich to the homeless man and that the whole thing did not happen.

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