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Say Goodbye to Aerobics, the New Exercise-Pill Is Here • Mirror Daily

Exercise-mimicking pills cannot fully replace fitness routines; they are recommended only for elderly people and impaired people.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Physicians speak with one voice when they proclaim say goodbye to aerobics, the new exercise-pill is here. The new discovery is meant only for elderly people or impaired patients, whose physical condition does not allow them to carry out fitness routines, scientists have explained.

Exercise-mimicking pills have become a dream come true, according to recent reports. Researchers have studied all the physical changes that the body goes through when a person is physically active. They were particularly drawn to the effects of the protein phosphorylation, which can activate and de-activate certain proteins in the body.

Scientists think they can create pills that can mimic the role of protein phosphorylation and thus, trigger bodily responses that are specific for fitness exercises. The new pill cannot fully replace physical activities, but they can substitute some of their benefits, medical experts have further explained.

Dr. Nola Hoffman, lead author of the current research and professor at the University of Sidney, has stated that the new study allows them to understand all the processes that the body goes through during physical exercises. This information can be used to design a pill, which can trigger more or less the same effects in people who do not normally exercise.

Based on the recent findings, scientists think a new pill would have to address different molecules or combinations of molecules in the body. As complicated as the process may seem, investigators think it is possible to create an exercise-mimicking pill.

Hoffman and the rest of the researchers, who have worked on the experiment have further added that the current study should be regarded as a good starting point. They believe further research has to be conducted in the field, but at least, they know what molecules they should be observing.

The new drug is recommended to patients, whose physical condition does not allow them to become physically active. Medical experts do not recommend exercise-mimicking pills to people, who are healthy as the drugs won’t have the same effects as proper exercises.

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