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Scientific Community Is Enraged After a Study Quoted God • Mirror Daily

Morgan Freeman is viewed as the personification of God in popular culture.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Religion is a touchy subject for most researchers, especially since the scientists have suffered greatly throughout history at the hands of religious fanatics. Galileo Galilei was burned at the stake for daring to contradict the church and present actual, scientific proof while doing so. In consequence, it’s only natural that the scientific community is enraged after a study quoted God as the one responsible for the excellent coordination between the hand’s muscles.

It’s quite difficult to mention the Dark Ages to a scientist and not be lectured about the scientific progress that humankind could have reached if they never existed. Religion has become the new science, in the sense that you will be regarded with great disrespect by the members of the scientific community if you quote God as an important factor in your research.

And only God knows what overcame the four scientists, three from China’s Huazhong University and one from the Massachusetts Worcester Institute of Polytechnic to attribute the incredible coordination that the human hand is capable of to “The Creator”.

And it was not a slip, a rogue thought that escaped one of the four scientist’s mind. There were several instances in which God, or “The Creator” was cited as being responsible for the unusual things that humans are able to do with their hands.

The paper entitled “Biomechanical Characteristics of Hand Coordination in Grasping Activities of Daily Living” was published in the PLOS one scientific journal. And when the other scientists got a hold of the study, chaos ensued.

Many respected voices started to urge their colleagues and students to avoid publishing their work in a scientific magazine that allows religious fanatics to attribute bodily movements to “the mystery of the Creator”.

Some even went as far as resigning their positions as reviewers for the respective journal. After the massive numbers of negative reactions, the magazine decided to take responsibility and apologize for the overview.

They stated that the study was not adequately verified by the journal’s scientific editor. Of course, the paper was immediately removed from the magazine, and it may be that the four scientists, which names will not be revealed, will become outcasts in the academic society.

The scientific community is enraged after a study quoted God as being responsible for primary anatomic functions. And even though the percentage of religious researchers is pretty high (about a third admitted that they believe in some form of higher power), there is an unspoken rule that their work must always be based on facts and not superstitions. Because science is about facts, not facts mixed with religious notions.

Even Stephen Hawking, the most brilliant man of the century urged schools to stop teaching religion to young children. School and science are for facts. If you want fictional entertaining stories, you might try reading the Bible.

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