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Scientists Find New Signs of Earthquakes in California • Mirror Daily

There are new signs of earthquakes around the San Andreas fault

(Mirror Daily, United States) Specialists found new signs of earthquakes in Southern California. They are worried about the activity around the San Andreas fault. It is located in the proximity of the Salton Sea, and some ground movements have already occurred. There is a high possibility that California will also be hit by an earthquake, but specialists provide people with some useful information.

Apart from the activity of the San Andreas fault line, scientists have additional reasons to believe that some other earthquakes are to come. They have recently discovered new signs of earthquakes, namely a new fault, which is located underneath the San Andreas fault.

Specialist Valerie Sahakian was in charge of the new study which led to the finding of this new fault. It is called the Salton Trough Fault. As the researchers’ report shows, it is parallel to the San Andreas fault.

Experts inform us that a series of earthquakes have recently occurred in the area. They were caused by other faults which are perpendicular to the San Andreas Fault.

Previous reports show that the last quakes caused by the San Andreas fault line were registered almost four hundred years ago, in the seventieth century. Scientists explain that so far at least one significant earthquakes should have already occurred. The time interval between such quakes is less than two hundred years.

Based on the history of the event and scientific data, researchers predict that a new earthquake will shake the area in the next years. They estimate that it will happen within the next three decades.

According to the specialists’ calculations, there are approximately ninety percent chances that such an earthquake will take place in the next thirty years. They also predict that it will be about 6.7 magnitude degrees.

The Salton Sea region was repeatedly shaken by temblors during the past two weeks. Specialists reported no less than two hundred earthquakes. The most violent had 4.3 magnitude degrees. This recent activity draws the attention of researchers once more about the seismic activity in the area.

Researcher Valerie Sahakian is interested in the connection between this series of earthquakes and the San Andreas fault. The recently discovered fault is young, while the other one is old. There could be a link between them, or one of them could affect the other in some way.

Experts intend to carry on with their research on the new signs of earthquakes in the Salton Sea area. However, they inform people that there are no reasons for them to get alarmed.

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