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Scientists Plan to Introduce the Telescope of the 2030s • Mirror Daily

The High Definition Space Telescope will shed light on planet formation and gather evidence about alien populations.

Based on recent findings, scientists plan to introduce the telescope of the 2030s, a much advanced version of the Hubble Telescope that will look for extraterrestrial life. Scientists want the new space telescope to be five times bigger and 100 times more sensitive than the current telescopes that NASA is using, but detailed descriptions of the new prototype have not been yet provided.

NASA is arming itself with new means of investigation to find the remotest forms of life in space. The Hubble Telescope has done a remarkable job, so far, but the time has come for scientists to upgrade their systems, so they would meet scientists’ demands.

The space lens that has been designed by scientists for future space explorations has to overcome the technical abilities of the Hubble Telescope. For that matter, the telescope of the 2030s will be five times bigger and 100 times more accurate than Hubble.

Scientists will embed a 40-feet wide mirror on the mechanism and will program it to orbit the Sun at a much closer distance. The telescope of the 2030s will orbit at million miles away from the Earth, taking high definition images of the surrounding space regions.

So far, researchers have been unable to study the structure and the evolution of smaller galaxies, but the telescope of the future will shed light on many of these mysteries. It may be too early to make assumptions, but NASA experts hope they will get pictures of celestial objects that have a diameter of 300-light years.

The new program was developed by professors at the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which is responsible for many of the studies that the Hubble Telescope is conducting. According to Matt Mountain, the president of the association, the future initiatives that the administration will carry out are meant to establish whether alien populations really exist or not.

Mountain believes the project must begin now as NASA has all the resources to carry it through. Moreover, the production of a new telescope requires a lot of time; therefore, the sooner scientists begin manufacturing works, the better it will be.

Production costs will most likely amount to $9 billion, but the High Definition Space Telescope is definitely a worthy investment considering the numerous benefits it could bring to the entire science community.

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