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Scientists Warn of Possible Asteroid Collision Risks • Mirror Daily

Scientists do not exclude the possibility of an asteroid collision

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A scientist from Queen’s University, Belfast, UK warns us that an asteroid collision might be near. He believes that a Near Earth Object might strike our planet anytime, so he and his colleagues want to use Asteroid Day as a pretext to draw everybody’s attention on this issue.

We should get ready for asteroid collisions

Alan Fitzsimmons knows that scientist often detect Near Earth Objects, and most of them put our planet in no danger. However, not all asteroids which fly past Earth are as harmless and, if a powerful impact takes us by surprise, the consequences would be disastrous.

In 1908, on June 30th, Earth was the victim of an asteroid which exploded over Siberia, and a surface of 800 square miles was affected. If our planet was struck by a similar object nowadays, it could lead to devastating effects. Even if our technology is now more advanced and we should be able to detect a dangerous asteroid approaching, there are still chances it might come unexpected.

The chances of an impact are small, but not inexistent

Therefore, Fitzsimmons wants to make everybody aware that such dangers are possible. Also, we should get ready for what is worse, so that there’s no chance that an asteroid collision should catch us unprepared.

There’s no need to be afraid, since small asteroids hit Earth all the time, but they bring no danger. Also, the chances of a large-scale cataclysm are quite low. However, low does not equal zero, and we have to admit that our planet is not ready to face such a disaster.

The problem is that Earth’s chances to be hit by an asteroid are small, whereas the costs to protect the planet are high. Even with such a small risk, researchers discovered that Taurid, a meteor stream, might be able to send an asteroid towards Earth. Therefore, Fitzsimmons emphasizes the need to take all the existent protective measures.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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