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Scott Kelly Hosted a Super Bowl Party in Outer Space

Kelly passed by the Levi’s stadium on Sunday and managed to snap some Super Bowl pictures.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Super Bowl usually gathers the highest amounts of people in front of the TV. There are only a few times in history when the final game didn’t record world-breaking views, and the MASH series finale is one of them. Astronaut Scott Kelly hosted a super bowl party in outer space to honor the American tradition, but sadly, people had other engagements and couldn’t attend his gathering.

In a social media post, the astronaut Scott Kelly announced that he also hosted a Super Bowl Party on the ISS, but nobody managed to attend. He was quite upset by the no-show and said that he would have treated his guests with nachos.

This year’s game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos that was broadcasted live from the Levi’s Stadium this Sunday was watched not only on the television screens from across the world but also from far into space.

The astronaut Scott Kelly tuned in this Sunday from the Space Station to watch how the Carolina Panthers took on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl finale that took place this Sunday. And even though he sent out a public invitation, nobody managed to come to keep him company and eat his nachos.

Kelly flew over the area of the San Francisco Bay this Sunday and he managed to snap a few photos of the Levi’s Stadium. When he uploaded them on a social media platform he accompanied the photographs with a text saying that he managed to attend the Super Bowl finale in person.

The only impediment was that his seat was only 250 miles above the stadium and he was traveling with a speed of approximately 17,500 miles per hour, which means that his visit did not last very long.

Scott Kelly celebrated 317 days on the ISS on Sunday. He and Mihail Korniyenko, a Russian astronaut, are currently in the middle of a research upon the effects of such a long space-exposure has on the human body and on the health of the astronaut.

The two astronauts will only have to stay for a bit longer on the ISS, the experiment being designed for a time frame of one year.

Maybe when he gets back on solid ground he will be surprised with an actual party with many people and other food except nachos and space rations. And who knows, being such a fan he might just be visited by the Super Bowl winning team.

Image source: Facebook

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