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Second-generation of Apple’s Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Has Overheating Issues • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you’ve already purchased an iPhone 6s or a 6s Plus, you hold in your hands the second-generation of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as revealed at September’s “Hey Siri” event. Even though it makes it faster and easier to unlock one’s smartphone, it appears to have some overheating side-effects, as reported by 9to5Mac.

So what causes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to overheat? According to some users, pressing the Home button for longer than 10 seconds usually does the trick. But this doesn’t apply to all cases, as others reported the problem appearing randomly and out of nowhere.

Although it is hardly a practical fix, it seems that resetting the device is the only solution that works. It’s more complicated than a usual bug in the OS, because it appears to be hardware-related. One permanent solution would be for Apple to replace all the iPhone 6s that have problems with overheating Touch ID.

It’s not the first time the Apple iPhone has product defect issues. The iPhone 4 had trouble with the antenna. The company had to make a battery recall soon after iPhone 5’s launch. And let’s not forget the bend-fiasco that happened with the iPhone 6 Plus.

But iPhone 6s has more troubles knocking on the company’s door. Some users report spontaneous turn offs; others have complained about how the speakers sound distorted at full volume. Even though it’s only been weeks since the roll-out, other minor issues have also been reported, including the fact that notifications won’t appear if the headphones are connected.

The issue has already gained plenty of commenters on an Apple Support Communities forum, where disgruntled users complain about the device’s many bugs. Under the name “My iPhone 6s home button is really hot and the device won’t turn on,” users share their unpleasant experiences with Apple’s latest product.

More than anything else, users report “the Home button was burning hot,” or “the Home button is still on fire even after I turned off the device.” Apple Support seems to be in the black still about the issue, as they have not been able to offer any solution or explanation.

Is it possible that Apple rushed with the launching date for the latest Apple smartphone? Considering the growing number of complaints – on both soft- and hardware – might point to this very conclusion.
Image Source: Gizmodo

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