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Selfies Killed a Baby Dolphin • Mirror Daily

The fact that selfies killed a dolphin really puts to question the morals of our present-day society.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The expression “pics or it never happened” seems to have caught a whole new meaning after selfies killed a baby dolphin. The mammal was part of a rare species that can only be found in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, the place where the incident happened.

The baby dolphin, a part of the La Plata species, also known as Franciscana dolphins, was picked up by a person in order to be used as a selfie prop. And since there are still a lot of people that kept the herd mentality from our arboreal ancestors, the man was quickly surrounded by other very guilty bystanders who tried to catch a selfie with the endangered animal.

The people who were a part of this, for a lack of a better word, crime, were surely connoisseurs of the fine arts of selfies and photograph layers and filters. The skin of the dolphin must have looked great in the photos. Too bad that in real life it got really dry, really fast and it killed the innocent mammal.

Surely you must be more intelligent than a dolphin to be able to operate the camera of a smartphone. And maybe, just maybe, if the people involved would have been mostly children then we would blame the whole thing on the naiveté associated with the young age.

But judging by the horrible picture that has gone viral on the internet, the majority of the selfie enthusiasts were grown men and women who were just burning with the desire of receiving a couple of “likes”, maybe even a comment. The only inconvenience? The selfies killed a baby dolphin.

Well, not all managed to take the desired picture because, and it seems that it’s actually not that obvious when you pull a marine creature out of the water, it dies. And a selfie with a dead dolphin is absolutely gruesome.

Many animal right activists and sane people, for that matter, got enraged at the sight of the viral photograph. According to wildlife foundations, the La Plata species is actually very rare, elusive and shy.

There are only a couple thousand of the dolphins still alive, and their species is marked as being “vulnerable”. And selfies killed a baby dolphin belonging to this species because people are not educated enough in matters of wildlife preservation.

Specialists urge the people to not take the dolphins out of the sea in the case in which they encounter the animal in shallow waters. Instead, people are being advised to guide the dolphins back to deeper waters where they could find their way back to their colony.

Selfies killed a baby dolphin. Selfies killed a lot of people, too, when a gun selfie was all in the rage. But at least, the guns were fine after the pictures were taken.

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