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Senua Is the Realest Game Character Ever Created • Mirror Daily

Senua is the realest game character ever created, and the details are simply fascinating.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Ninja Theory, the producers of Devil May Cry, are working on the development of a new, revolutionizing video game. Hellblade is a turning stone in the gaming industry, and Senua is the realest game character ever created.

By using the incredible power of Unreal Engine IV and state of the art graphics, Ninja Theory is writing video game history. Senua is the realest game character ever created, mostly because every movement of the virtual rendering from an eye twitch to a full-on sword attack were recorded with a live actress.

With a team of only sixteen people, Ninja Theory managed in only six weeks to go from project to results. Their idea was of creating a character so complex that it felt real. Senua, who suffers from psychosis, can be seen talking to the voices inside her head, crying, twitching and screaming. And it’s like watching a movie, not a game sequence.

“You can’t put it into words, the moment when you look into the eyes of the one who is supposed to reassure you, and make you feel safe. It only takes an instant. Fear swallows you before you even have a chance to make sense of it. And darkness becomes a part of who you are.”

This is how Ninja Theory decided to introduce Senua to the public. And the trailer is as emotional as a game trailer never was. But the stunning cinematics reveal graphics that were never seen in a video game before, and the main character seems to make you want to hear more of her story.

Senua is a Celtic warrior. Because of the horrors she has seen and experienced on the battlefield, she developed profound trauma that ultimately took her mind and transformed into full psychosis. Bur Senua is the realest game character ever created so don’t expect flashy cinematics with deep psychological impact.

But the most impressive thing about the game is that the team made us of advanced motion-capture technology in order to render the exact moves of a live actress. Senua is the virtual copy of a woman whose lip trembles in despair and whose eyes glisten while holding back tears of rage.

The innovation stands in the fact that the game developers didn’t record the movements and facial features of a person and then used them to generate a virtual character. But rather they used new high-tech to create the character first and then link the actress with her virtual copy and insert all of the motion and voice features live.

Senua is the realest game character ever created, and you can see why in the video embedded below.

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