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Severed Will Be Available Soon on PlayStation Vita • Mirror Daily

Severed will be available only for PlayStation Vita.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The latest development of DrinkBox Studios, Severed will be available soon on PlayStation Vita. The slash game features colorful characters and a breathtaking story, all for $15, starting this 26th of April.

According to the producers, Severed is a first-person dungeon crawler that stars Sasha, a little girl that must face gruesome monsters in order to escape from a world that is out to get her.

Sasha follows her family to another world, where they get separated. She then encounters a strange looking tall figure, with branches instead of hair and a wide, toothy mouth that basically forms its entire head.

This creature tells Sasha that she must find her lost family and bring them back to the eerie place that looks like her home. If she survives the quest, the monster promises her that she will be able to return home with her loved ones. After that, it gives the female warrior a sword that she can use to slash the wide variety of monsters that will come her way.

The style of the touch-based first-person dungeon crawler is fairly similar to that of Guacamellee, the previous game that DrinkBox Studios released. But there are significant differences between Guacamellee and Severed. The latter features a colorful, dream-like style, which also gives the player a kind of eerie sensation.

The main idea of the game is to explore different types of dungeons. With every such location come different styles of monsters. Some are just a big purple head with massive teeth, other are long, four-legged creatures that can grab you and kill you from a distance, others are one-eyed, six-armed threats that you must slash before they slash you.

During the game, Sasha learns the nature of the dream-like world that she is exploring. She is also shown her different sets of skills. While the game progresses, the monsters begin to be tougher to defeat, but the character can also increase her expertise levels.

For example, while slashing the hideous, nightmarish creatures that pop in her way while searching for her family, Sasha can collect different items from the defeated creatures. She can even use severed body limbs as a currency.

With the limbs of the monsters they defeat, the player will be able to buy armor parts and different additional items that will enhance the strength, agility, and endurance of the main character.

Severed will be available soon on PlayStation Vita exclusively.

Image source: Wikimedia

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