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Sign Up on Facebook Messenger App Possible Without Having an Account • Mirror Daily

Do you hate Facebook and the vortex that comes with signing up, but you would still like to stay in contact via Messenger? The company has made this option possible, by removing the necessity of having a Facebook account for you to be able to use the messaging platform.

Even though the feature has only rolled out in U.S., Peru, Canada and Venezuela, it will gradually reach other countries as well; all you need for the new sign-up is a first and last name and a phone number.

It was back in 2012 when four countries, including India, had been beta testing the accountless sign-up for Facebook Messenger – on Android only – but it only lasted for a few months. David Marcus, head of Facebook’s communication platform, said this time they found it is a good move for those people who didn’t want or couldn’t use Facebook.

Messenger’s home screen will boast a new “Not on Facebook?” button, allowing people to simply add their phone contact and proceed to talking. Searches for other Messenger users will also be available, by either their phone number or by Facebook account.

Some argued the move is part of a strategy to get Facebook into China and other countries where Facebook is blacklisted. But Marcus insists it’s not the case, since Facebook’s entire IP addresses are usually blocked – which mean Messenger would still get the same treatment.

Marcus has described the new feature as having a digital address book, where you can chat with virtually anyone who’s also on Messenger and not necessarily on Facebook as well. This option comes after several improvements that Messenger has been endowed with lately.

You can now send money to your friends via the platform, location sharing options have been upgraded, web version has been inaugurated, and playing games has officially been rolled out with Doodle Draw Game.

Marcus also talked recently about the big plans that he has in store for Messenger, one of which is Messenger for Business, a system that would allow online brands to use the platform for customer service in what would seem as an improvement from slow phone calls and tiresome emails.

All these efforts are made in the name of growth, a concept not to strange to Facebook, which now boasts roughly 700 million active users each month. Its initiative of beating SMS is however very ambitious, as it has to assure its users that its presence is ubiquitous.

Not having to ever leave Facebook – or its other apps – is good for business, but the acountless sign-up might mostly help with reaching new users from the demographics who have been reluctant of joining Facebook.
Image Source: Lumia Conversations UK

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