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Sign Ups Are Ready For Doom Closed Alpha

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – There’s a chance you might be testing out a new game this weekend, as sign ups are ready for Doom closed alpha, and it’s no longer exclusive to only select players. Previously, only those who pre-ordered ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ had access to the closed alpha, along with the upcoming beta. However, things are more open now.

Anyone who wants a peek at the upcoming first person shooter game can get a taste of what it would be like. It’s a chance for players to test out the next installment of a legendary franchise, and the developers to put their servers to the trial. It’s one last treat until the end of the year, with 2016 promising so much in terms of gaming.

‘Doom’ is just one of the many exciting titles waiting.

Be it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the PC, anyone can sign up for the closed alpha. However, it should be noted that it’s no guarantee you will get in. There are a limited number of spots available, and it’s on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so anyone interested should hurry up. The spots for the PC have reportedly already been taken, so there’s only room for console players.

In order to sign up for the alpha of the upcoming game, you will need to visit ‘Doom’s official website, click on the ‘Alpha’ button on the top right corner, follow the instruction, and you just might get in. The developers have opened up their world, or at least offered an open window for those lucky enough to get in. Given by the short gameplay footage, it looks as promised.

It’s to be noted that this is an alpha version of the game. It’s not a demo, beta, or a reflection of how it will ultimately look. ‘Doom’ is still in its infancy, and players should expect many modifications before the latest installment of the successful franchise will be seen on the shelves. Like most of them, this one will be action packed.

The alpha will last from December 3rd to December 6th, and will offer players access to just one map, called Heatwave, a 6 vs. 6 Deathmatch Mode, 6 weapons, and 2 equipment items to use around the explosion-riddled battlefield. Furthermore, they will get one powerful demon to turn into that will provide enhanced abilities to turn the tide of the match. And, of course, one power weapon to counteract the player who turns into the supernaturally stronger opponent.

‘Doom’ will officially launch in spring 2016, but it still has a long way to go. After the alpha, it will likely venture into closed beta, then open beta, and then the launch, if traditional patterns will be taken.

It will be the latest installment of an epic franchise that started back in 1993. The first pixelated game touched millions of gamers, and represents one of the original first person shooter games that started the entire genre. So, if you ever wondered where it all began, it was with ‘Doom’ over two decades ago.

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