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Sikh Member Sustained Non-Life-Threatening Injuries in Kent • Mirror Daily

A Sikh member was shot by an unknown individual.

Kent authorities reported that a 39-year-old man belonging to the Sikh community had sustained non-life-threatening injuries after an individual opened fire. According to Kent police, the Sikh man was outside his house attempting to repair his vehicle when the incident happened. The authorities believe that this is a race motivated crime.

Race crimes are on the rise, and a recent incident confirmed that some minorities had been specifically targeted by unknown individuals. According to the Kent law enforcement officials, a 39-year-old male who is part of the Sikh community was involved in an armed conflict.

The incident took place on Friday, at around 8 pm just outside the man’s house. According to police reports, it appears that the Sikh member was repairing his vehicle when he was approached by an unknown individual.

The man and his assailant have had a rather intense argument. Authorities stated that overhearing the two arguing in front of the Sikh member’s car, two more individuals walked up to them, in order to render assistance.

However, at one point, it appears that the assailant drew out his gun and shot the Sikh member. Eyewitnesses declared that as the man was walking away from the scene, he kept telling the wounded person to go back to his own country because there is no place for him here.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. However, this recent event has put the entire Sikh community on edge. Union leaders believe that his in not an isolated incident, and that many members fear for their lives.

The recent shooting comes a few days after a man of Indian descent lost his life after being shot multiple times in his backyard. Although the Lancaster authorities declared that they have no reason to believe that he is a race motivated crime, the public believes that there is a pattern.

As for the 39-year-old Sikh member who sustained non-life-threatening injuries on Friday after being shot, the authorities are currently searching for his attacker. Furthermore, in order to expedite the individual’s capture, Kent’s Police Department has asked for the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A spokesperson for Kent’s PD declared that the Sikh member involved in the shooting is currently recuperating and that they’ve begun searching for the attacker. However, at the moment, they have no leads and only a partial description.

Image source: PublicDomainPictures

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