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Simple Tips to Save Money This Halloween • Mirror Daily

You can create your own Halloween costumes using your own clothes and accessories.

Halloween, like any other holiday can be incredibly expensive if you don’t consider the cheaper alternatives. These simple tips to save money this Halloween can help you spend less than $100 and keep all family members happy, nonetheless – after all, this is what Halloween is all about.

Halloween is always about who’s got the best and scariest costume. Most Americans spend hundreds of dollars on costumes just to take them trick or treating only once. If you’re one of these Americans, you have probably gathered a consistent collection of Halloween costumes by now, so why not use them to make your own hair-raising character. You can mix garment pieces and accessories together and give birth to a whole new collection of characters. Who said Halloween costumes have to be copycats?

It may seem just one of the myriad of the simple tips to save money, but this trick really works. Ask any child and he will immediately tell you Halloween masks are so last century. The good thing about face paintings is that you can do them yourself using just your makeup kit and you can attract your children by letting them play with your makeup utensils. Face paintings don’t have to be perfect. Remember, Frankenstein was not perfect, either.

The costume is ready and you already know some simple tips to save money on Halloween masks. Yet, you feel there is something missing. You can’t expect your guests to get into the Halloween mood without properly greeting them. Just like you, your home needs to put on the best Halloween decorations to stand out from the rest of the homes on your street.

Think of the right color combination

You probably think home decorations have to cost a fortune to be impressive, but you are wrong. The number one rule when planning the Halloween set for your home is to choose a scary color combination. Halloween is all about black, red and orange shades, so you should definitely add such accessories in your home. A simple black ribbon can do wonders if you get enough inspiration on how and where to use it. Red paint is a cheap alternative for commercial blood-like materials and it can, therefore, help you save a lot of money with this year’s Halloween preparations.

Use hay for Halloween porch decorations

Americans spend a lot of time creating unique Halloween decorations to turn their porches into vampire caves and horrifying dens. These decorations are, indeed, impressive, but if you are looking for simple saving tips this year, you can always turn to the traditional hay-based home decorations. Hay is a cheap material that you can buy from local home improvement suppliers and simply spread it on your porch. Add red paint and a gardening tool here and there and the picture is complete.

Carve Your Own Halloween pumpkins

DIY pumpkin carvings have almost fallen into oblivion considering that the majority of us prefer to purchase them from local stores. If you are trying to save money this year, you can always switch back to home-made pumpkin carving – an effective, yet simple trick to save money this Halloween.

Just think of all the bloody carnages humans have witnessed by candle light and you will agree with me that no lightning system can produce the same effect. Candles are not only spookier, they are also cheaper and they can become true money savers during the Halloween season.

Preparing food for your Halloween party is most of the times incredibly expensive, if you prefer to remain in your comfort zone and purchase whatever products you can find at your local store. If you want to create your own Halloween dishes and set the trends this year, you can consider the option of switching regular food into spooky Halloween treats. The cheap hot dogs look very much like cut fingers if you top them with a little bit of ketchup sauce. Eggs, too, can be easily turned into popping eyes with a little bit of imagination.

Halloween is all about being creative, so don’t be afraid of stepping out of the box. These simple tips to save money this Halloween will not only make your wallet heavier, but it will also help you turn this holiday into a truly unique moment for you and your family.

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