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Simple Urine Test Can Tell What You Ate for Breakfast • Mirror Daily

A simple urine test can detect what you actually ate in just 5 minutes

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Can your doctor tell whether or not you’ve been totally honest regarding what you ate during the day? The answer is, yes, he can, all thanks to a simple urine test which can determine in just five minutes if you’re truthful about your diet.

A team of researchers from the Human Nutrition Research Center (Newcastle University, England) has designed a new type of urine test which can predict with a fair accuracy what types of food you ate during the day. In designing this urine test, the researchers involved in the project sought ways to tell if patients are truthful about their diets. John Mathers, the study’s co-author, declared that one of the hardest aspects of prescribing a diet is to make sure the patient sticks to it. Unfortunately, in more than 60 percent of cases, the patients would either say that they’d loaded their plates with fruits/vegetables rather than coming out clean. Moreover, some patients would also hide that they’ve eaten stuff that was not on the menu. This can thwart the doctor’s efforts of designing an efficient diet. But the innovative five-minute urine test will change all that. Mathers said that, at the moment, the urine test could only detect chemicals associated with chicken, fish, and red meat, but he’s confident that it can be further enhanced to sniff out other food groups.

Although the urine test is still in its infancy, it can determine, with an uncanny accuracy, what a patient ate during the day. To see how the tests perform in real life, Mathers, and his team, asked 19 volunteers to partake in the second stage of the study.

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