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Singapore navy ship has located AirAsia fuselage • Mirror Daily

The black box of the ill fated Air Asia flight 8501 was located by divers early Monday. The black box will provide the answers as to why the plane crashed into the Java Sea two weeks ago, killing all the 162 persons on board.

The Singapore Navy Chief has informed that the plane fuselage of the ill fated Air Asia flight was located by the country’s naval vessels. Images of the aircraft’s wing and words on the fuselage were taken by remotely operated vehicle. The Indonesian authorities have been informed of the new find and the recovery operations have been started.

Ng said Wednesday, “The accident is a tragic event resulting in the loss of many lives. I hope that with the fuselage located, some form of closure can come to the families of the victims to ease their grief.”

The diver’s had earlier recovered the flight’s cockpit voice recorder from the sea floor. The cockpit voice recorder along with the data recorder was sent to Jakarta for study.

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