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Siri Thinks Bulgaria’s National Anthem is Despacito • Mirror Daily

Siri made a huge error when asked about Bulgaria’s national anthem

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Siri, Apple’s AI-powered smart assistant, has recently made an error which went viral, but people still cannot understand how the assistant ended up making such a mistake. When asked what the national anthem of Bulgaria was, Siri offered as a response the most streamed song in the world, Despacito.

No one knows how this error occurred

This error has been first discovered by a Reddit user, wandreylust, but it quickly went viral all over the internet. Soon after that, many other people tried asking Siri the same question, and she offered the same amusing but wrong response. However, it is unclear how she came to do that.

When you ask Siri a question, she usually gets her sources from the internet. One such primary source is Wikipedia which, most of the time, is considered reliable. However, the European country’s Wikipedia page doesn’t display any erroneous information.

Under the field ‘National Anthem’, Wikipedia displays the correct answer. Bulgaria’s anthem is an opera song called “Mila Rodino”. In English, the title means “Dear Motherland”, and bears absolutely no resemblance to the hit song Despacito.

The error seems to have popped up after Siri switched from Bing to Google

Also, there’s no other mention on Bulgaria’s Wikipedia page regarding the song. When Siri offers its wrong answer, it also sends a link to Despacito’s Wikipedia page but, again, there’s no info on the page mentioning a connection with Bulgaria’s national anthem, or with any other country’s anthem, for that matter.

In the meantime, Apple fixed the issue, and Siri now offers the correct answer. However, the company didn’t explain what the problem was. So far, the smart assistant used Bing as its default browser, and only recently did it switch to Google. This error seemed to have appeared when this switch took place.

You learn something new every day! from iphone

Image Source: Flickr

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