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Six Tech Giants Launched Global Virtual Reality Association • Mirror Daily

The six players that decided to launch the Global Virtual Reality Association are Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, Google, Sony, StarVR, and HTC Vive.

This year, 2016, has been a great year for technology. This year has been the year of automated systems for self-driving cars and the year of virtual reality. In order to be able to develop and promote better devices, six big tech companies decided to launch Global Virtual Reality Association.

Like any other type of technology, VR needed an association or an organization for its developers to gather around and discuss more this topic. The six players that decided to launch the Global Virtual Reality Association are Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, Google, Sony, StarVR, and HTC Vive.

The companies that started this association mentioned that they are going to form the board of the association. They are welcoming new members. They mentioned that only the six of them can occupy a position on the board of the association. Those who decide to join will be received as regular members.

In order to respect the purpose of the Global Virtual Reality Association, these 6 board members decide that only some companies can enter the association. First of all, the company that decides to join GVRA need to be “an international VR manufacturer”. All of the companies that want to join need to be interested in developing the VR industry.

In order to know the board members of Global Virtual Reality Association, these are some basic info for every company. The first one is Oculus. This company, Oculus Rift, first entered the tech market more than 4 years ago. Since then it was bought by Facebook.

The second tech giant is Samsung which is a well-known company who doesn’t only develop VR devices. They also create smartphones, tablets, and other products. They have created Samsung Gear VR in collaboration with Facebook.

The third company is Google, another tech giant. There isn’t a lot to say about Google because it has been developing so fast in 2016 that many can’t even keep track of it. They developed Daydream smartphone VR system.

The fourth company is Sony, another great tech company. They have focused on games and devices like PlayStations. This is why their VR product is also focused on gaming.

StarVR is new to the market. The product is not even fully developed yet. The product is going to be a joint venture between Starbreeze and Acer. The design of the product was released in 2013 before the partnership between the two companies started but the full production of StarVR will begin in 2017.

The last company is HTC. This has been one of the most successful ones this year with their VR product. HTC Vive. Because their VR product is so great they are releasing a second model next year.

These six companies have decided to change the future of VR market by creating Global Virtual Reality Association. Let’s hope that they will be able to develop better products.

Image source: Pixabay

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