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Snapchat Purchased Bitmoji’s for $100 million • Mirror Daily

Snapchat’s popularity is growing and with the latest Bitmoji purchase, its audience will widen.

(Mirror Daily, Unites States) – The video and photo destroyer, Snapchat purchased Bitmoji’s for $100 million. The mobile app’s functions will be soon incorporated into Snapchat, offering users a wider variety of features.

The company did not issue any official statement to explain the reason for their latest acquisition. But rumor has it; Snapchat is trying to improve its features so that the app would appeal more to older generations.

Millennials are thrilled with Snapchat. They take selfies and party pictures, apply filters and text and send them to their peers. But the thing that makes the app different from the thousand more out there is the fact that the pictures, or videos, are automatically erased after a few seconds.

People, especially teenagers and young adults, are more comfortable with the thought of sharing a picture that will go all Mission Impossible in a few seconds, than one that can be stored by the recipient for all eternity.

Of course, there is a failsafe and the person receiving the snap can quickly take a print screen, but that only happens on rare occasions. But as fun, as the app is, it is only appealing to the younger generations. Adults over 30 can easily use Facebook or WhatsApp to share pictures with friends. The privacy options are not that important to them seeing as they don’t party that much.

But things might change, and Snapchat could extend the age limit of its targeted audience with the Bitstrips acquisition. Snapchat purchased Bitmoji’s for $100 million, and that means that even more customization features are coming to the data sharing app.

Bitmoji’s took over the virtual world lately. Everybody, no matter if it was a teen or a mother of two was busy creating an avatar. And the app allowed you to create realistic versions of yourself with Superman, Game of Thrones, Deadpool, Iron Man and many other famous characters’ features.

Customization is the key when it comes to pleasing a wider target, and Snapchat realized this before anybody else did. So soon enough, users of the file sharing app will be able to make their own, personal avatars and share them with their friends.

Snapchat purchased Bitmoji’s for $100 million, but there are big chances that the company will recover the investment in a small amount of time. Judging by the popularity of the customizable emoticons, it is highly likely that the targeted audience of the app will grow wider, thus bringing in more profit.

Image source: Wikimedia

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