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Social Media Is Buzzing With Scott Kelly's UFO Tweet

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – It will likely continue for a while, as social media is buzzing with Scott Kelly’s UFO tweet that has sparked debates across the internet. One of the mysteries of our universe is whether or not we’re all alone in it. The extremes are there, with some claiming that martians have a Buddha statue on the planet, while others are called arrogant for thinking we are the only ones in the vast universe.

Pictures sent from the International Space Station (ISS) are likely to be scrutinized for possible clues. However, when a mysterious object is painfully obvious somewhere in the corner, it becomes far easier to start speculations.

Astronaut on the ISS, Scott Kelly, has tweeted a picture on November 15th as the space station had a beautiful shot of Southern India. The bright lights against the darkened background and the intricate patterns below, all featured spectacularly displayed in the picture. The wonders of Earth from outer space, a sight that astronauts have outside their window.

Along with an odd looking object in the right upper corner.

Kelly tweeted the picture as part of his 233rd day on board of the ISS, and it received more attention than expected. The tiny object that looks to be spacecraft with two lights underneath has been suggested to be nothing other than an UFO. And it’s certainly not the only picture sent from the ISS that tossed gasoline on the debates.

According to Scott Waring, who is an editor of UFO Sightings Daily, the odd object is stated to be an alien saucer which is around 25 meters in length, and around 150 to 200 meters away. Even more, he thanked Kelly for the hint that aliens are real, and NASA is hiding their existence.

Others, however, remain skeptical, like Michio Kaku, who is a theoretical physicist. He remains unconvinced whether the pictured object is an alien aircraft or that aliens exist altogether. To all who claimed to have been taken upon a spaceship, he prompts them to next time “steal something”, anything. Without proof to back claims, the debate will never be over.

According to Kaku, it could be a reflection, or anything else for that matter. However, most have already disclaimed both theories, stating and showing that the highest likelihood is that it’s merely a part of the ISS itself. The space station is roughly the size of a football field, which means it’s often included in pictures taken from inside.

The foreign object, like it has been identified in other pictures, is most likely the High-Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) system on the on the Columbus module. Sometimes, it’s better to remove all the possible answers before moving to the more extraordinary speculations.

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