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Son of Mexican Immigrants, Accepted to Every Ivy League School • Mirror Daily

After the astonishing news of a genius kid graduating college at age 11, another story of success comes from the academic world of the United States. Fernando Rojas, a California student who is only 17 years old has been accepted to all the schools that are part of the prestigious Ivy League. The world has been happy to hear a beautiful story of a son of Mexican immigrants, accepted to the most famous higher education institutions of the world.

Moving abroad and adapting to the different style of living, culture and administration is a though task for certain. But the parents of Fernando Rojas now feel grateful they have come to the United States, as, after a period of transition, the second generation comes out as not having any difficulties in dealing in the reality of another state that the home country of the parents.

Fernando Rojas has said in a statement that the news of him getting accepted by all the schools who are part of the Ivy League caught him unprepared. He did not expect to get into any of them, as he had also applied to other higher education institutions as well. Still, all eight of the prestigious Ivy League schools have written him back, saying that the professors are looking forward to meeting him as a student of their college.

“When I got all eight, it was a blessing and a curse because I had to choose. I was excited and scared and everything at the same time.“

Fernando Rojas has said in an interview with The Orange County Register.

It looks like the first university to have sent a response back to Rojas was Yale University, in February. Following the reply from Yale, Rojas has started to receive e-mails and letter from the other institutions part of the Ivy League. Dartmouth College, Brown University was the first after Yale. Then, the other have followed, saying that they all wanted him as a student: Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Princeton University and Harvard University.

Fernando Rojas has also been accepted by the Stanford University, the University of California, Irvine and the California State University, Fullerton.

After a hard time making a decision on where to go for college, as the variety was fantastic, Rojas has settled for Yale University. The annual price for education at Yale is 64,000 dollars. Rojas will benefit from a Yale scholarship of 6,000 dollars and the rest will be provided by a federal loan.

Image Source: gulfnews

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