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Sony Multifunctional Light Will Run Our Home

The new gadget from Sony will control any device in your smart home

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems that we will slowly but surely give up our remotes and the Sony multifunctional light will run our home in the near future.

Of course, new smartphones, tablets and computers are still popular among the new devices but this year other gadgets have stolen the show at CES, such as drones and virtual reality headsets. However, we have longed dreamt about automatizing our homes, making everything smart and easy to use. We put sensors so the lights turn on when we enter a certain area; our remotes are replaced by smartphone apps that can control the TV, the lights and so on. But, it might come as a surprise, that Sony, although it has such a gadget, did not launch it at CES.

The reason behind this decision is that the product will only be launched in Japan where it will remain for at least half a year. After that, the product might cross the border but the company did not announce yet any certain launch date for the U.S. market. Moreover, they did not announce the price either. Therefore we’ll have to wait  at least until the new gadget is launched in Japan.

Sony is launching a device that besides working as a traditional light fixture, it also has features similar to remotes. It is called the Multifunctional Light and it can connect to a wide variety of other smart gadgets in your home. For example, besides light, it also allows you to control air conditioners, TVs and thermostats. The company claims that its new gadget can double up an intercom system.

The smart light has a motion sensor and a microSD card slot. The sensor obviously monitors movement to detect human presence and it will, for example, turn you TV on or off, if you enter or leave the room, respectively. Controlling the TV will be happening via infrared.

Everyone is definitely curious about how much this Multifunctional Light will cost and how well it will control your other smart devices. More importantly, does this really mark the end of traditional remotes and the birth of the smart home?

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