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Sony Will Make Sure 'The Banner Saga' Comes To PS Vita

‘The Banner Saga’ is coming to PS Vita

(Mirror Daily, United States) – In spite of recent announcements, Sony will make sure ‘The Banner Saga’ comes to PS Vita, according to Gio Corsi. The company is ready to dust out the PS Vita and offer it a few new releases that wouldn’t leave it behind every other platform. It has been sorely lacking in new games lately.

‘The Banner Saga’ is an indie game developed by Versus Evil that has been described as an “epic Viking RPG game”. It’s a well-crafted game, with beautifully drawn animations, a touching story, strategic combat, and a way for each player to leave their personal mark. Choice of travel and conversation will be in the hands of gamers. It will let them choose how they progress through the Viking-inspired story.

The game has won several awards since its initial launch in 2014. Due to high demand, developer Versus Evil has been doing their best to release the game on consoles as well. The process has not been without its hitches. High costs and time were two of their obstacles, so the porting to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One kept getting delayed. There were problems with the actual porting and figuring out how to fit the game on a console controller.

Fortunately, they managed to pull through.

Last week, Versus Evil announced that ‘The Banner Saga’ will launch on both PS 4 and Xbox One on January 12th, 2016, almost exactly 2 years after its initial release on PC. It’s a bit later, but it has been deemed as excellent progress ahead of ‘The Banner Saga 2’. The porting is likely to go much smoother for the sequel of the successful strategy game due to launch also in 2016.

And yet, one was left out of the fold: PS Vita.

According to Versus Evil, porting for the handheld PS Vita was “put on the back burner”. That has raised concerns for the fans who have noted Sony’s neglect in regards to their portable device. There have barely been any significant releases, except some colored variations of the device. It appeared that Sony has given up on PS Vita.

The company, however, responded. Sony’s Gio Corsi claimed that they are partnering up with Versus Evil in order to get ‘The Banner Saga’ on PS Vita. The epic Norse story will be ported onto the handheld device at some point in the future. It will not be forgotten. Sony will likely partner up to help Versus Evil with the costs of the porting, and possibly the profits from the game.

It seems that without major titles announced that indie games will become PS Vita’s lifeblood. If that’s true, ‘The Banner Saga’ will definitely be one of the good games to own for the handheld platform.

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