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Space Epic 'Star Citizen' Drew $100 Million From Crowdfunding

Star Citizen currently has no release date

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The space epic ‘Star Citizen’ drew $100 million from crowdfunding and shattered another record on its way to being made. Essentially, this is a game that technically does not exist yet to anyone except its backers. And yet, it has gathered a whopping $100 million just from people who cannot wait to play it.

‘Star Citizen’ looks and seems to be the future of epic space games. It includes spectacular visuals, free reign in first-person or third-person, fighting, shooting, flying ships, and that’s just in the alpha. It has become the most crowdfunded project in history. That means it already has a huge fan base who believe in its success even though there’s no guarantee it will release as of yet.

In fact, the game has seen some controversy as some anonymous ex-employees of the developer stated that the budget was not handled right and the employees were mistreated. According to their statements, ‘Star Citizen’ was basically headed for failure. However, the new reports added new faith in those believing the game will see an official release date.

The epic space experience was envisioned by Chris Roberts from Robert Space Industries. The company now has a whopping sum to continue development and bring the game to a beautiful completion that would match the released footage of gameplay.

As of December 12th, ‘Star Citizen’ entered Alpha 2.0, offering its backers new ships, upgrades, and is now in the “next major step in Star Citizen’s evolution”. They now have a generous budget gathered from eager fans. And, apparently, there are numerous players out there who have already spent money in-game. One particular fan bought items in-game worth around $30,000 alone.

In-game, players will be allowed to fly ships, travel from planet to planet, trade goods, fight, shoot, and essentially do anything they could expect from such an open-world game. They will be reportedly travelling across the entire galaxy with many other players online. At least, that’s Roberts’ ambitious vision.

The spectacular graphics, free-to-roam gameplay, and numerous other functions will be made possible through the CryEngine. That in itself is promising, as it means it could potentially become a beautiful game. Now, it has the funding, the time, and the fan base to make all that possible. But nothing is certain yet.

Backers only have access to the current Alpha 2.0, which means that the game is still a while away from being finished. There is no official release date, as its fate itself is uncertain. Even if it gathered $100 million in crowdfunding, it could still never make it to completion. However, the large sum and released footage seem promising. Nothing says fans believe in the game better than $100 million.

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