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Spring Is Bringing Allergies Back to Life • Mirror Daily

Spring is bringing allergies back to life and people should start stocking up on Kleenex.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, and we can finally get rid of all the coats and layers of clothing. But as winter fades off, spring is bringing allergies back to life, and the people suffering from the disorders are not happy to stock up on their tissues.

Specialists have predicted that the pollen season will reach its intensity peak this year. According to them, the level of the allergy-inducing substance will be higher than it has been for many years.

Winter is gone, and the cold will soon be forgotten, but spring is bringing allergies back to life. Unfortunately, this spring will be particularly difficult for people suffering from the dreadful disorders because the winter has been mild and the rejuvenation season will have an early start.

A Pittsburgh University allergist-immunologist, Merritt Fajt, claims that patients that suffer from mild to severe allergies must take extra precautions this season because spring is going to kick off a month early, meaning that the entire allergies season will be longer, thus more difficult to live through.

According to Dr. Fajt, there is an increasingly growing number of Americans that went from seasonal allergies to year-round ones. While the condition is not life-threatening in most cases, the doctor is advising people to take extra care of themselves this time of year.

Since spring is bringing allergies back to life, the doctors compiled a short list of things people can do to relieve their symptoms.

Take Your Medication in Advance

Physicians are suggesting to their patients to take better care of themselves and try not to wait until their noses are clogged to take their medication. When the first specs of pollen hit the air, allergies sufferers should start taking their medication to avoid any serious symptoms.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Most people like to welcome spring into their homes by opening the windows and letting the joys of nature’s rebirth flood their house. But the flowers scented air usually comes with large amounts of pollen. So if you want to cool your rooms, try the air conditioning, it’s safer for you.

Don’t Mow the Lawn

If you have a grass allergy then you should convince somebody else to mow your lawn. You should also try to find out when your neighbors are tending to their own lawn so that you could remain indoors and safe from any symptoms.

Don’t Forget Your Antihistamine

You can avoid all nasty things that come with allergies if you take an antihistamine before walking out the door in the morning.

Use A Mask When Dusting

Experts recommend all folks suffering from allergies to wear a mask when dusting. Also, try avoiding the feather duster. It may look cool, but it only stirs the dust, it doesn’t actually remove it.

And even though spring is bringing allergies back to life, you should stop and enjoy the blooming trees and the chirping birds. If anything, it will offer you an excellent way to start your day.

Image source: Wikimedia

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