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Star Citizen Alpha Is Free to Play for a Week

The Star Citizen is a space sim. It has a modified CryEngine platform so it’s compatible with Oculus Rift.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Chris Roberts’ company Robert Space Industries just announced on their official site that Star Citizen Alpha is free to play for a week. So starting the 8th of February, all the people that have an account will be granted free access to the Alpha 2.1.2 version of Star Citizen, or more commonly, the Star Citizen Crusader.

The news of the free trial was announced on the official Robert Space Industries website. According to the press release, the company will grant Free Fly permits to every account in their database to the Alpha 2.1.2 version if the game, or, the Star Citizen Crusader.

With the Free Fly access, players will be able to experience three major parts of the Star Citizen game platform.

The Star Citizen Crusader, also known as the mini-PU, is the nucleus, the point of origin of the new game that Robert Space Industries is building. The Alpha 2.1.2 will feature a great deal of environments and space stations, places where the players can explore the universe, scripted missions and more. The Star Citizen Crusader is the first glimpse that the players are allowed of a much bigger universe.

The Arena Commander is a sort of Star Citizen inception, it is the game that was introduced in the other game. According to RSI, the Arena Commander was used by the company to develop their ship’s combat balance and flight mechanics. Players will be able to take on an AI commanded swarm or other human opponents in a single seat fighter.

The Social Module, as the name suggests, is a platform built especially for the players to interact with other players. They will gather around ArcCorp, the first landing zone in the game. The Social Module, apart from being a site of interaction, will also be the starting point for the new feature of world building.

Users with a Free Fly account will also gain access to one out of three ships in the Star Citizen universe, the Aurora LN starts, the Hornet F7C military fighter and the Mustang Delta interceptor.

Star Citizen is a space simulation game that is available only for Linux and Microsoft Windows. It has two major components: a branching single-player and a drop-in co-op multiplayer campaign called Squadron 42 and first person trading, mining, space combat, first-person shooter features in an mmp universe.

Star Citizen is built on a modified Cry Engine platform and will feature support for Oculus Rift technology.

The Star Citizen Alpha is free to play for a week, all the players need is a user account. Registration can be made here.

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