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Steady Weight Loss from One Week to Another Gives Long-Term Results • Mirror Daily

Being steady is the secret to a successful long-term weight loss process

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Are you trying to lose weight? The secret is hidden in being steady, studies say. Therefore, diet and exercise are important, but the key lies in managing to lose the same amount of weight every week during the process. Sudden weight loss looks like a bigger achievement, but it’s not efficient on the long term.

The study was developed by researchers from Drexel University in Pennsylvania. They discovered that people should follow a steady weight loss process if they are willing for it to last. In other words, if you want to lose weight and remain thin, you should make sure you lose the same number of kilograms each week until you reach your ideal weight.

It seems that the secret lies in repetition. If you adopt a healthy behavior regarding to what you eat and how you eat it, results will be quick to appear. Also, this will help you reach a steady weight loss process. Of course, this is bound to last. If your weight drastically dropped, then it would be easy to regain these kilograms in no time.

Being steady in weight loss is the key

For the study, researchers looked at 183 participants who were either obese or overweight. These people were following a weight loss program which should have worked in the long term. Every week, they were interviewed regarding their food cravings, what they had eaten, and how much weight they managed to lose.

Those who were consistent in their behavior and weight progress were more successful than the others with more variations. Therefore, it was better to lose one pound every week for three weeks, than those who lost four pounds. Then, they gained two and, in the end, lost only one.

For a better understanding of how this mechanism worked, more research is needed. However, it is still clear than being steady in your diet and habits is helpful. Therefore, don’t go for drastic changes, as consistency is the key.
Image Source: Pixabay

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