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Stephen Hawking Will Answer Fans' Questions on His Personal AMA Reddit Forum • Mirror Daily

Stephen Hawking will express his latest concerns on Artificial Intelligence during his AMA session on Reddit.

Great news lies ahead for all of you debate, discussion and let’s face it, scandal lovers: Stephen Hawking will answer fans’ questions on his personal AMA Reddit forum. The one-week session is expected to spark strong discussions among scientist’s fans and his opponents, given that Internet users have already begun arguing whether Hawking is a genius or not since the news was made public.

Stephen Hawking is not only one of the most illustrious minds in physics, but he is also open to all the new means of communication. The scientist has agreed to hold a one-week session on one of the most famous forums of the Internet, Reddit.

During the Q&A forum session users will have the possibility to ask the physicist all possible questions. Stephen Hawking has vowed to answer them all; however, he is asking fans to give him a much longer period to answer their quizzes.

Unlike most Reddit sessions, Hawking’s Ask-Me-Anything thread has been conceived in a different manner. Given the physicist’s medical problems, Hawking will answer all the addressed questions within a week’s time span. This way, the scientist can use his assistive computer system to answer questions and fans get to spend more time with their favorite researcher.

We’re pretty sure Reddit users have many puzzles they would like the physicist to solve for them, but Hawking’s team explained that some topics will, nevertheless, be imposed to ease communication. The ardent subject of Artificial Intelligence will most certainly be one of the tackled aspects during one of the longest AMA session in Reddit’s history.

Stephen Hawking has addressed this issue many times before, but he believes the debate should continue considering that this field has been through an unusual development in the past period.

Stephen Hawking is a promoter of Artificial Intelligence, no doubt about it, but he still thinks limits should be imposed; otherwise the phenomenon could escape people’s control.

For that matter, the physicist declared that he will be waiting for users’ AI-related questions, such as the use of space drones, driverless cars and autonomous weapons.

Interested participants can have a personal discussion with Hawking by accessing from Monday, July 27 at 8am until Tuesday, August 4.

The AMA session on Reddit has been organized by Wired and Nokia as part of the #MakeTechHuman initiative, which invites people to make suggestions on how technology can be programmed to better serve humanity.

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